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1st-Jan-2037 12:00 am - Welcome
Welcome to my personal blog. I've only started to use this lj account, so there's nothing much right now. If I have free time, I will try to post something here. However, most of my entries will be friend-only. If you want to befriend me, we will need to have some friendly exchange messages first before I can befriend you. Sorry.
Welcome to my personal blog. I've only started to use this lj account, so there's nothing much right now. If I have free time, I will try to post something here. However, most of my entries will be friend-only. If you want to befriend me, we will need to have some friendly exchange messages first before I can befriend you. Sorry.
21st-Jul-2014 06:04 pm - Rumor
Recently Tokyo Sports published a rumor on Sakurai Sho.  They wrote that Sakurai is currently dating Horikita Maki for four years since Tokujo Kabachi and that he recently introduced her as his girlfriends to his juniors during a private Johnny's party in Asabu this March.  They also wrote that both Sakurai and Horikita have been meeting secretly at a sushi shop in Ebisu along with Horikita's mother and claimed that they are dating with marriage in mind.

The more I read the article the more ridiculous it sounds to me.  As far as I know, Sakurai is not close with his juniors.  He has repeatedly mentioned that he's much more comfortable and closer with his childhood and university friends than his fellow celebrity acquaintance.  He even mentioned that he has very little friends in the entertainment industry.  This shouldn't come as a surprise since he is a very private person.  Which make some of us questioning the "introducing her as his girlfriend to his juniors and asked them to put a special performance for her" part.  I can't see Sakurai asking them to put a special performance for someone; that's so unlike him.

I also don't believe that they have been meeting secretly.  Sakurai is a very busy man.  He is a workaholic.  He loves working.  I don't think he even have the time to date someone.  I'm sure he'd rather spend his free time drinking with his close friends.  Even if he does date someone, I doubt he will date someone from the entertainment industry.  He likes his privacy and dating someone from entertainment industry won't give him that.

Since the rumour is so ridiculous, I looked up to see if they will be having any upcoming activity (since that's usually why those kind of rumour exist in the first place), and apparently they do.  Arashi will be airing their Pikanchi movie this August while Horikita will be acting in an upcoming drama (Oyaji no Senaka).  My conclusion?  Just another rumour that serve as promotional gimmick.  Even though I know that the Japanese themselves said TokyoSpo's articles are mostly nonsense, I still hope that J&A will sue that shitty piece of journalism.  Sakurai doesn't need rumour to promote his work.  He is a very capable person.
6th-Apr-2014 10:04 pm - Shiwake Eito (5/4/2014)
I just watched yesterday's Shiwake Eito - Flexible segment.  It break my heart to see that Akarin cried when she lost to Hilary.  Akarin, SKE48's flexible queen, lost to Hilary.  I knew that she would be defeated someday, but not to someone like Hilary.  I was expecting her to lose to someone who is much younger and smaller.  Now that she has been defeated, does this mean that she would not join any flexible segment on Shiwake Eito anymore?  She was one of the main reason why that segment usually got high ratings.  If they really stop inviting her in the future, then I won't watch that segment anymore.  She is, after all, the main reason why I even bother to watch that segment in the first place.
27th-Jan-2014 11:26 pm - Nogizaka46's 8th Single Senbatsu
Nogizaka46 just announced the senbatsu member for their 8th single last night.  The centre will be none other than Nishino Nanase.  It seems that Nogizaka46 will also follow the "no absolute centre" rule.  Besides that, they also reduce the number of fukujin from eight to five.

The lineup for 8th single senbatsu are as follow:
3rd row: Kawamura Mahiro, Kitano Hinako, Higuchi Hina, Akimoto Manatsu, Wada Maaya, Takayama Kazumi
2nd row: Sakurai Reika, Wakatsuki Yumi, Ikuta Erika, Matsumura Sayuri, Fukugawa Mai
1st row: Hori Miona, Shiraishi Mai, Nishino Nanase, Hashimoto Nanami, Ikoma Rina

Members out: Eto Misa, Ito Marika, Nakamoto Himeka, Saito Asuka
Members in: Higuchi HIna, Kawamura Mahiro, Kitano Hinako, Wada Maaya

- I'm happy that Kawamura is finally back in senbatsu.  She's one of the talented member and it's such a shame that the management did not favour her.
- With Higuchi and Wada in, does this mean that they will finally let the remaining two 1st generation member to be part of senbatsu in the next single?  Hopefully they will, since there will be an influx of 2nd generation members in senbatsu in the future.
- I'm happy that Hori and Ikoma are part of Go Fukujin. Ikoma is my oshi and it would look bad if Hori is in the back row after being the centre for the previous single.
- Congrats to Nishino for being the centre this time. With the rotating centre system in effect, I hope that Ikuta will finally get the centre position next time. She's the most talented member and she should have been given the chance to be the centre and front position.
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9th-Sep-2013 10:52 pm - SMAP's 25th Anniversary
Happy 25th anniversary (22nd if you count their CD debut) to my favourite Johnny's group SMAP!  SMAP, the legendary male idol group that not only help in bringing J&A's rise to fame, but also help to break the idol's boundary and path way for any Johnny's that debut after them.

I've known SMAP since I was little.  The first SMAP member that I know was none other than Kimura Takuya a.k.a. Kimutaku.  I forgot how I found him; it was either from a manga magazine or his drama.  It was only after I saw Nakai on a Youtube video that I know that he and Kimutaku are from the same group: SMAP.  Their song "Yozura no Mukou", which was sang by Chris Hart, caught my attention and made me their fan.  Ever since then, SMAP has became one of my favourite Johnny's group.

I like most of their songs.  I also like their variety shows (especially the Bistro segment of SMAPxSMAP).  I like that each of them has strong and distinctive personalities.  They may not be that close with each other, but that is fine by me.  I hope that SMAP will still be continue to be successful until they decided they have enough.
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14th-Aug-2013 12:06 am - Intriguing rumour
Yesterday, there was a very interesting and intriguing rumour floating around the Internet.  According to the original source (Yomiuri TV's Suma-tan!), a Shuukan Josei journalist revealed that a certain super popular idol will be getting married soon.  They hinted that said idol is a male idol from that agency.  Since it is a huge story, they could not release any more details and promised to publish it in next week's (20/08/2013) Shuukan Josei.
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7th-Aug-2013 12:52 am - [meme] Do it By 10
I found this meme while browsing, so I thought I should give it a try:
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